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Out-of-order vehicle recycling


The out-of-order Vehicle Ordinance, which has been in force since 01.04.1998, contains all regulations for the registration and recycling of your vehicle. If you, as the owner, would like to scrap your vehicle, you must submit a corresponding certificate of recycling to your vehicle registration office. We have been a certified out-of-order vehicle dismantling company since 2000 and can provide you with the proof required by the registration office. Every year, 200 vehicles are duly disposed of by us.

In order to be able to scrap your vehicle properly, we need your vehicle registration document or certificate. You will also need your valid identity card so that we can issue the certificate of exploitation directly on site. You can then use the proof of recycling issued by us, the dismantled number plates, the vehicle registration document and vehicle registration certificate to report to the vehicle registration office and the final recycling of your vehicle.

If you cannot deliver your vehicle to us, we will gladly collect it by you.

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