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Sliding instead of hauling....

You can rent waste pipes and funnels from us for a clean and safe disposal, even at higher heights. However, the rubble pipes and hoppers are only supplied in combination with catch basin or containers from Wöhrle Rohstoffrecycling GmbH.

A rubble chute is used on almost all construction sites for the disposal of rubble and other materials. Attached e. g. to scaffolding, various materials such as roof tiles, concrete demolition or bricks can be safely and easily disposed of from higher regions directly into a container. The plug-in system for the construction of the rubble chute is uncomplicated. The individual elements are simply connected to each other by hanging the chains. The length can be varied and optimally adjusted. Defective pipes and funnels will be invoiced.


A rubble pipe consists of:

  • 1 waste pipe (usable length approx. 1 meter)
  • 4 carabiners
  • 2 chains

Dimensions per pipe:

  • 1100 mm Length
  • 500 mm ø

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